The Key

Inspiration and motivation is a fickle thing. You can not rely on it to be there every day, and no matter how much geist you feel about something today, the morning after is always another story. But inspiration is the key to so many things that we do, the key to motivation and ideas. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, mostly on days when I’ve felt un-productive, and have been trying to pin-point what it that inspires me. Well, of course, for all the obvious reasons, Tricks does! Feeling a bit Greengablish at the moment, I dare say she’s …

Ideas & Plans

As I mentioned, Tricks and I have a constant conversation going. Ideas fly by and gets stored somewhere in the back of the brain, but do they actually get executed? So Tricks had the marvellous idea to start a category for this, for ideas and plans. ‘Nuff said! I hereby declare the category “Ideas & Plans” open. Another great idea she had to start things off (One thing you got to love about her! So many good ideas) was this: That both of us, separately,  makes something using the same stamp. Just so see what happens, just to see how different the …

New Year, New Stamps

What is on my mind for the new year? All the new things I want to try and the stamps I want to order! (You know, the usual Must-Haves and the Things-I-Really-Need). Tricks and I have been looking at these sites for ordering: So many wonderful motifs, and not to mention collage stuff that is starting to appeal to me. I will ruin myself but I know it will lead to hours and hours of Scrap Geeking.

Net Hoppin’

I know I don’t sound like a 30-year old now but dammit: Tricks is my bestest friend and I want to hang with her all the time! Sadly our adult, mundane lives prevents this but we keep in touch whenever possible. Like, sometimes we have email conversations lasting entire days and consiting mainly of links to various cool things on the net. “Look at this technique!” “Well, look at this material!” “OOOOH! I bet with that you could do somehting like this thing here” “That reminds me, I need this bling bling from this page” “Well, one always needs more bling …

Opening Up

Dear Tricks, I feel it! Year 2009 is definitely going to be a Year of the Splurge, a Year of the Scrap and very much the Year of the Coffee Rush. And there will be glitter EVERYWHERE. It never comes off.  Seriously. It’s neat to have an outlet for those ideas that bounce around in our brains, a place to put our erratic conversations about what scrapbooking technique we want to try next. “It’s going to be legendary!” /Jen