Party Like It’s 1999 – Digging In My Photo Box

I have an abundance of old photos, and they are even sort of sorted into boxes. Not super sorted, you know, but at least they are manageable and in a safe place. I love going through them every once in a while and re-discover little gems and memories that I had completely forgotten about. It’s why I love photography so much; one photo can open the door to a whole event.

The other day I found these photos of me and my friend Sara. It’s New Years Eve, and we’re at my parent’s house, getting ready to go to a party. This is wa-hay back before even the shift of the millennium, and my brain has serious issues processing the fact how long ago that was! And yes, we are in fact wearing matching dresses in crushed velvet, me in green, Sara in black. Pre-millennium, remember?

This layout is in no way a masterpiece, and is oddly inspired by the seventies carpet we had in the hallway (it can’t be helped, it’s just there). I honestly don’t know if it really was 1999 exactly, but it doesn’t matter, close enough. It made a funny title. But I’m just psyched that I got my butt in gear and got these photos scrapbooked!

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