Picking Out Colours & Pretty Papers

I have a great stash of pretty papers, all hand picked and fondled and sorted and added to a mental list of projects to make. But when it comes down to it, once it’s time to choose the papers, it can be a bit overwhelming. Or, you forget what papers you have. Or, you just have one of those days when nothing makes sense and nothing goes together, no matter how many great papers you have (a bit like not having anything to wear, ever though your closet is full).

I craft a lot with old scraps and bits and pieces and old products; I don’t usually buy whole collections as they are released. So I mix and match. With an emphasis on MIX. Admittedly, sometimes the finished project might look a bit like a lab experiment gone horribly wrong. But I love it anyway, because usually there’s a photo and a story in there somewhere that I love.

However, I felt I wanted to try to mix and match a little bit more consciously, and were promted to try while taking Shimelle Laine’s workshop Hitchiker’s Guide to Scrapbooking. The whole first chapter is on picking out papers, so it was rather perfect!

There is thisĀ  one paper from Kaiser Craft I have had in my stash for a while now, that I adore, and I new because of the colour scheme it would go well with a photo from a when I was a kid. There was a certain era when a lot of what I wore were very… pastelly…

I always have trouble matching pastel colours. I just can’t make them work. In the end it usually looks like a bowl of melted ice cream soup in three, fruity flavours. Luckily, the paper I wanted to use had a nifty little colour scheme on the branding strip. Hooray!



So I tried to stick to those colours, and digging through my box of scraps with the branding strip in hand made it really easy to pick out the matching papers. Pretty awesome, Something that usually takes me oodles of time took me a couple of minutes. Nice!

Have you noticed that it’s becoming very popular to make your own colour scheme from photos? That might be an idea to try out some more, I think. There are some nifty tools online you can use, that maybe mainly are used for making websites and graphics and such, but here is a few examples:

(Also, I can never talk about colour palettes without putting in a plug for colourlovers.com, go check it out and be amazed and inspired. Then have a cookie.)

Definitely something I will give a try sometime. But for now, this is the result with the palette from the branding strip:


Stay safe everyone! Hope you are having a scrappy, happy weekend.

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  1. micu

    i like the colors and i dont think any of your projets looks like a “lab experiment gone horribly wrong” :) I could mail the letter tomorrow but I am not sure to which address as I know you are leaving on Thursday. What do you think?

  2. I love your layout and those little color coordination dots on the branding strip is pretty smart on Kaiser Craft’s part, don’t you think. I believe I have noticed this on a couple of other manufactures, as well. I like that. Anyway, your layout came together beautifully!

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