Pile of Postcards: Time to Send Some Xmas Cheer!

This years pile of Christmas cards, I’m sending them out today! Close shave, but I managed to get all the cards done and put in addressed envelopes in time. Today is the last date to send off your Xmas cards in Sweden, if you want to be sure they make it out in time.

I really had fun this year with the Xmas cards; some were more personal than others, but all in all I managed to do a great variety of cards! Beats making 25-30 cards exactly the same, as I used to do a few years back. Back then I was obsessed with them all matching and looking the same, until one day, when I came to the conclusion that that was BORING, and it wasn’t like the recipients had started a secret club who’d have yearly meetings where they’d compare the results of all my postcards they’d gotten. Don’t limit your own creative freedom! That’d just be silly :)

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