Scrapping in my sleep, really?

Daydreaming about scrapbooking is something I do every day. Trying bits and ends inside my mind, trying to figure out how something would look in combination with something else, etc. But has it gone a bit to far when I even do that in my sleep? Is that normal? Should I get worried?

So I had this dream where I stamped words all over a paper, then embossed a big oval shape with a deep, metallic powder, and finally placed a leaf on top. Cutting out the oval shape and masking the card felt so real that when I woke up the morning after I was convinced I’d been sleep scrapping and that there would be a finished card at my work space.

Alas, there was not, but the dream was so vivid that I for once had no problem remembering it (how annoying would that be? Dreaming up a beautiful card and then forgetting it the next morning!). So here is the result!



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  1. I am not a scrapbooker nor am I much into crafts, but I stumbled onto your site and found your designs nicely done. I am inspired to give it a try. My emails are not working so no need to respond (as if right?). Thanks again. SS

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