Shiny Loot for Oakfairy

A very close and dear friend of mine had her birthday this week (she just came of age, if you count in hobbit years). I was planning to make her a little shiny birthday gift, but I realised that I’ve kept making her earrings, even though she can’t really wear them because of allergies. So I thought I’d take a stab at making her a wrist bracelet.

I wanted loads of charms and pretty dangly beads on it; a sort of representation of her and her interests and personality, and symbols of her creativity and how inspiring she always is to me. Whenever I meet her she always urges me to write, to craft, to do! She always knows how to motivate you. I feel lucky to know her! So this is the result:

It was tricky to make, but a lot of fun and practice. I really hopes she likes it!

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