Shipping Overseas

Helloes helloes! Small post just to let you know I’m alive :) I am keeping busy to say the least; planning my X-mas cards and gifties, and decorations of course (boyfriend gave me loose rains to decorate however I wanted for X-mas. I am sorely tempted to fill the entire apartment with glittery companion cubes). Also, I am taking a small photography class (Digital Photography and image theory). You can read a post about one of my assignments for this course here.

An exciting thing happened. Someone ordered some of my earrings off my Etsy store. On my birthday, no less! So parcels are on their merry way overseas. I know I hardly made a profit on these items, but I made them by hand and somebody wanted them. That makes me very happy!

Hope you all are as psyched about X-mas as I am. Crafting heaven for us glitter freaks.

Stay safe!

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