Shrink it

It’s funny how trends catch on in the scrapbooking arena. They seem to pop up almost simultaneously around the world, they travel so fast, even compared to fashion trends. Once in a while an idea pops into your head, and then like on queue other people get the same idea, and suddenly scrappers everywhere are all using bubble wrap or owls or pirates in their projects. It’s fabulous and it’s a sure sign we should all just move in together and just inspire each other. Yarr!

It would be hard to pick a country for us all to live in though. Internet is our Scrapbook Nation!

One of these Suddenly Trendy Things is Shrink Plastic. Me and Tricks tried it out last year during our there’s-gotta-be-a-way-to-make-fun-personal-embellishments-phase. Tricks said one day: “Say Jen, do you remember that material they’d let you use in pre-school, that plastic shrinky thingy”… and we went out and found it and got hooked, naturally. And, around the world, people must have thought the same thing! ‘Cause now I’ve read about it everywhere, it’s becoming a trend (no wonder, it’s easy and fun!).

Tricks made a pair of super cute apple earrings, I have some great photos of that, I have to dig them up! Every time she wears them I can’t help but smile and feel cheerful; they are just so her, and colourful, and she made them with her scrapbook stuff which is awesome.

But so far I’ve only found these pictures of a card I made for a coffee crazy friend, with a miniature coffee cup made from shrink plastic:



Blade Rubber Stamps has a whole page on using shrink plastic! Check it out!

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