So close to December!

Time flies! Both me and Tricks have been really busy at work. It just so happened that I got a new job at Tricks department and now we sit side by side, making great things happen! Meanwhile we’re going crazy from not having time to craft, and this when X-mas is getting closer! Very frustrating, to say the least. We did make a few X-mas cards on the last crop we had, and Tricks have been busy finishing her dress at the sewing class she’s been taking this fall. I hope to post a few pics soon!

Also, Tricks have been making a lot of really lovely bracelets this fall, and we had a fun photo shoot a while ago, trying to take good photos of them indoors, which was almost impossible. This time of year we have very bad light in Sweden, even during daytime, and that makes it hard to take good photos of stuff you’ve made. So we had to be a bit creative…

I’ve been working on a couple of X-mas projects, but I can’t really post about them here right now, since they’re going to be gifts, I just have to remind myself to take a few snaps so I can show it to you later.

I hope everyone has had a great November and that you feel as psyched as I do about the X-mas season! Go nuts!


Malin has made a crazy amount of X-mas cards, check them out on her blog! Also, Tess has been busy getting the X-mas groove on, have a look!

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