So much to tell, so much to do!

Wow, I have a folder full of photos, a head full of ideas and boxes full of things to show you! So much to tell, so much to do, so little time! Time really does fly by right now, and since it’s spring I am all giddy and enthusiastic and plan-full. A bit of an overload, really, I should organize.


So this post is mostly for myself, to try get some structure on my thoughts and plans.


Planned blog posts:

  • Scrapbook day with the girls! We had such a great day with all my relatives and I have some nice pics
  • My b-day presents from Tricks. She made a really special thing for me on my b-day (in November! Time, where did the time go?) and it was such a treat, I have great photos of that too
  • The Easter surprise from Tricks! Completely awesome and beautiful, something that will be very special for me for every Easter to come
  • The b-day card I made for Tricks. I can’t help it, I just loved making it and I loved the result! For once I actually did something like I had planned it it my mind ;)
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