Taking the time

Whenever Tricks find a gift for someone she always takes time to wrap it in the most beautiful way, making it so much more than the gift inside the box, the gift wrapping itself makes it all the more special. So when she had her birthday last year I wanted to do the same for her.

For this set of gifts I chose a wrapping paper with colours that would match her dress and the colour scheme for the party itself:

Of course the pressies needed a matching bag
Punch out details from the wrapping paper and stick on the gift with some glue dots

I had a lot of fun with the following ones. Of course I found a lot of fun scrapbook supplies, which means that I could either do one big gift of them all or wrap them all separately. I chose a combination of both. Cherry blossoms was something that occurred in a couple of her projects, using a lot of those sort of stamps, so I decided to make her a blossoming tree, hanging all the gifts from the branches:

Some green silk paper, japanese rice paper and glass pearls to match the cherry blossom tree
Cherry blossom tree with pressies

It was a great evening with a lot of happy friends and family, and I hope Tricks will remember for a long time and that that it makes her smile!

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