Storage Sunday – How I store my embellishments, revisited

Hello everyone!

Time for another Storage Sunday, and this time I felt I needed to revisit my embellishments, and maybe share some ideas or food for thought. I wrote a post a while back on how I store my most used embellishments, but of course, thinking about it, there so happens to be a few more drawers and jars and containers filled with more of the stuff. The stuff! The bling!

In my last post I focused mainly on what would me mostly likely to grab, and here are the leftovers!

On the wall directly to the left of my worktop, I have a plastic organiser cabinet mounted on the wall. It has a whole bunch of tiny drawers, perfect for tiny things that needs organising, like buttons, binder rings, metal embellishments and other small treasures:

jenandtricks - Embellishments storage, the prequel

I suppose this organiser cabinet is really made for a workshop, sorting nuts and bolts and the like, and this it really makes it perfect for sorting things like buttons into different colours. And of course, I have used my trusty Dymo to label the boxes. Easy as pie!

jenandtricks - Embellishments storage, the prequel(2)Wen it comes to even tinier things, like brads or eyelets, I use several of these handy organiser boxes (also found in a hardware store), with dividers for several small compartments. I know that personally my brain could just not cope if these brads where all in one bag:

jenandtricks - Embellishments storage, the prequelThen there are embellishments that are more of a whole, together, and does not need dividers and organiser boxes like the one above.  My ribbons and lace, for example, I just keep in one big flat storage container, which is stackable with others like it. I do however keep some of the ribbons in clear bags, so that they will not get all tangled together. When I’m done finding a ribbon, I pop the lid on and slide the box back on a shelf. No tangled mess, no dust:

jenandtricks - Embellishments storage, the prequel

Other “big” groups of embellishments, like glitter, sequins and bling, I keep in this little wooden chest of drawers from IKEA, which I painted and decorated with some patterned paper:

jenandtricks - Embellishments storage, the prequel(3)I love using sequins of all sorts, it puts flair on any project in an instant, and they come plentiful and reasonably priced, so you don’t have to skimp when you use them. So, close at hand in my little chest of drawers.
jenandtricks - Embellishments storage, the prequel(4)

So, some embellies are neatly divided and organised into separate colours or shapes or materials, while others are bunched up together into one whole entity, ’cause it just makes sense to me. Kind of funny how the mind works sometimes.

I think it is really important to find a way that works for you, that makes sense in how you use your products and what feels more natural to you. For me, certain materials just stand out and get their own category, while other products just fits together for their dimension, or when in my process I use them. While my way of storing my things have constantly changed, it has indeed evolved, from a system that had no intention from the start, into a system I thought was “right” because it was popular, and finally into a system that is very linear with how I create.

What works best for you? Leave me a comment!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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