Storage Sunday – How I store my ink pads

Hello everybody!

Welcome to another Storage Sunday. This time, I want to share how I am store my ink pads.

I made it pretty easy for myself a while back, when I decided to purge a whole bunch of my really old smaller ink pads. I used to have a plethora of small ones from various brands, and I sort of collected them because of the wide range of colours. However, through the years, not only did I realize that some of them just never made a good impression when stamping, but that some brands just give a better result in the bigger versions, and that ultimately, there are some colours that does not really look too me when it comes to a stamped image. I realized that I’d rather put my money and storage space in other types of mixed media products, that would give me more choice and easier techniques when it came to adding colour.

So I’ve kept the ones I love the most, and this is how I store them:

The ones I use the most are a couple of different varieties of black, grey, brown and white. I have some different makes and brands that gives a different result on different surfaces, hence the multiples.

I want to keep these very close at hand, and have built a ink pad holder using a lightweight foamboard and my trusty glue gun:

jenandtricks - Stamp pad storage

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works really well, and it doesn’t weigh a lot, which I think it great since it is placed on a shelf mounted on the wall above my desk.

I also use my Tim Holtz distress inks very regularly, so likewise, I keep them in that handmade little ink pad holder as well. I have inked up some labels and stuck them on the side of the pas so it is easy to see what colours they are:

jenandtricks - Stamp pad storage

The distress inks I use the most, like EVERY TIME I make a layout or a card, are the ones i use for adding ink to the edges of papers and embellishments. I keep them on this little box, contain refills for the ink applicators. It works almost as a little tray, so I can just grab one of the ink pads or take the whole thing down off the shelf in one go:

jenandtricks - Stamp pad storage

For the rest of my ink pads, I use the top two drawers of a semi-transparent drawer unit from IKEA that I keep in my craft space:

jenandtricks - Stamp pad storage

There’s some room in there for… extending my collection, if need be. But for now, I think I am pretty happy with my essentials.

If I where to change anything with my storage right now, it would probably be to build a new foamboard ink pad holder, that felt a bit… straighter and sturdier. And maybe a bit larger. I’ve been eyeing some pretty awesome ink pads from Simon Says Stamp… Maybe the day I decide to invest, I will have to extend my storage solution as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post about my ink pad storage. Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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