Storage Sunday – How I store my paper punches

A good Sunday to you, dear reader!

The month of August is nearing its end, can you believe it? For me, the autumn means new, fun projects, but for now, I want to share how I store some of my favourite scrapbooking tools: punches!

jenandtricks - How I store my punches

While I certainly love some of my thingymajig tools for creating fun shapes for my projects, nothing beats a good and versatile punch! Paper punch storage can feel a bit tricky, as it tends to get a bit bulky. They ain’t small, but they are practical and close to indestructible.

I keep mine in my plastic fantastic chest of drawers from IKEA (no surprise there). They take up three of the drawers (for now). The smaller ones are in the one of the smaller top drawers, and the bulkier ones in the two bigger ones beneath.

jenandtricks - How I store my punches

They are easy to see, and easy to grab. I love the little ones:

jenandtricks - How I store my punches

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth spending the much needed real-estate on these bigger ones:

jenandtricks - How I store my punches They are big and chunky and take up a lot of room, and I wonder: should I replace them with the thin dies? But then I remember how instant and reliable they are. No need to take out any other tool, like the manual Big Shot for the dies, or starting up my computer for the Silhouette, using my digital files. Just grab, and punch. Sometimes you just need a punched out paper star in a jiffy, you know?

This storage solution works for now. If I did have more room in my craft space, I would love to go for some sort of wall-mounted solution. “Out if sight, out of mind”, as always, is my perpetual motto when it comes to storage. I have seen some interesting ideas on Pinterest where the metal towel rails from IKEA seems to be a perfect fit.

So this is how I store my paper punches, peeps! Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of Storage Sunday, and thank you for stopping by!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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