Storage Sunday – How I store my pens, markers and suchlike

It’s safe to say that I have been a pen addict for most of my life. There has just always been a LOT of pens present, awlays. I love pens. The perfect pen is a thing of joy for me. Every pen has a specific purpose. There’s ALWAYS the Perfect Pen for every occasion.

There! Now that that little confession is out of the way, let’s look at this weeks storage solution… for my pens, markers, and suchlike.

Therese wrote a post last week and shared her excellent pen storage for her pens in her craft wardrobe, and I feel especially fascinated by her simple but genius solution for her promarkers and flexmarkers; a simple shoe box with smart dividers, and then a board with flexible colour swatches. Dude, that girl is organised!

I am nowhere near as organised with my pens in that aspect, but I DO have some sort of division when it comes to usability and purpose, and also, as many things in my craft space, they are sorted by a highly reputable method: I play favourites!

First off, I like to keep the pens I use the most at arms length. So, for instance, my Ranger Distress Markers goes in this metal tub on my desk:

jenandtricks - Pen Storage

So when I want to colour a detail on a layout, I just reach out and grab a marker. These markers works the best if they are stored horizontally. Ideally I would really like to have a proper horizontal, clear plastic, pen stand, but they seem hard to come buy without costing a fortune.

My most used pens I keep close and handy in my Ikea Råskog cart, which I can just wheel up to the edge of my desk, so that everything is easy to reach. In the cart I have four different pen holders for different pens:

  1. My very best black and white journaling pens
  2. My gel ink pens from Muji, which are amazing. They write beautifully, have really good tips, never clog, and have really clear colours. I use them every time I craft or plan or do anything really in my craft space
  3. My water colour pencils
  4. An assortment of pencils, ballpoints and other fun and usable pens.

jenandtricks - Pen Storage

The holders are all separate and easy to take our and put on my desk if I need to. Keeping them close at hand in the cart has been great, I save a bit of time not having to run around looking for that specific pen all the time.

In my craft space I have a small shelving unit I use mostly for storing my mixed media supplies. So, one more shelf of pens and markers there, of course…

jenandtricks - Pen StorageIn this basket I keep my posca pens, metallic markers, Inktense pencils, various packs of Staedtler pens and fineliners, my Pigma Microns pens, Sharpies, etc:
jenandtricks - Pen Storage

All in all, for now, I am pretty pleased with my pen- and marker storage. It’s all close at hand and easy to grab; every pen has its place. And I have a little bit of wiggle room for more, if I would need it.

If I were to change anything now it would probably be to get proper, horisontal pen holders as mentioned above, but that would mean I’d have to steal some space from something else right now, and that would be a lot of work and re-organizing of my craft space. Right now, it’s all pretty adapted to how I craft at the moment, which feels like a good priority when you have such a small space as I have.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy Sunday! Keep cool :)

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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