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jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

Hello and welcome to this weeks Storage Sunday! I am a nut for sorting and organizing my stash of scrapbooking products, and I thoroughly enjoyed lasts weeks post by Therese on, on how she stores her scrapbooking paper. I love how she’s cut up her papers into a 6×6 size for her scrappy purposes, and how she organizes them by colour! I am not quite as organized in that aspect (in fact, writing this post made me realize that I am a bit all over the place), but this is how I store my scrapbooking paper.

I keep my beloved 12×12 papers and cardstock in some simple canvas craft bags, which have several pockets that are expandable, accordion style:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

In the pockets the papers are sorted by manufacturer and collection, and I use little post it notes to mark collections or specialty paper. I used to sort my papers by colour or type of pattern, but never really “used” them that way when picking them out for a project, and so I’ve found through the years that I tend to think more in terms of style and design of a certain manufacturer or designer.

I’ve had these types bags for a very long time, I think they were my first “upgrade” from when I could no longer just fit whatever paper I had into a pizza box. I didn’t use to have a designated craft space, so my collection of crafting materials lived in a wardrobe in several types of bags and boxes, and back then it was just easy to bring IT ALL with me when going to a crop. Those were the days!

Now I have one bag for patterned paper of various manufacturers, one bag for papers for specific projects  or albums, and one for my plain cardstock, and I store all of them in a big storage box, with some additional larger papers pads with more plain card stock in various colours:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

I find it quite easy to flip through, and the large storage box has wheels on it, so that I can easily pull it out from under my craft desk. Next to that one, I have another storage box just like it where I keep my 12×12 paper pads:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

For my smaller paper pads of varying sizes I just use a smaller container where I can stand them up like this: 

jenandtricks-paperstorage (2)

It is getting quite full though, so I have been working on using some of it up to make more room, haha! But it is also easy to just flip through, making the process of picking out paper a bit simpler:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

Now, the examples above is how I basically sort and store my papers and paper pads. But I have some exceptions for this.

For instance, I have noticed that if I buy some new and exciting products, and instantly sort it away, it is not uncommon for me to loose track of that I got something new, and for what reason I got it. Out of sight, a little out of mind. And then I have to dig through everything to find that one new paper I got last month to do that “very special thing” with. So I try to keep what I feel is most current and exciting close at hand. I keep a Cropper Hopper on my desk in which I just put the latest things and the things I want to prioritize; a collection I love, or some patterned papers I just love right now, or my little stash of glitter- or vellum papers. So mostly newish products get shoved in there, but sometimes I find old gems I really want to use up, and then they also get put in the Cropper Hopper:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

That way, this storage is what I turn to first of all, and I know everything in it is things I love and really want to use.

Then, least but not least, I have the random-old-don’t-know-don’t-want-to-throw-away-might-come-in-handy basket. A plethora of things get put in this basket: really really old papers that just might come in handy, the kind of papers that I can just grab and use for just about any old thing, without thinking I’m using up something too valuable, packs of chipboard stickers, water colour paper, odds and ends. It’s sort of liberating sometimes to just pull out a bunch of old papers from way back when, old stash I never used up and that might not feel very trendy or exciting anymore, and just go nuts with some mixed media project, or make some quick and pretty tags, or even use them as really pretty wrapping paper for a special gift for someone. It’s the no-guilt-bin, so to speak:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Paper Storage

This system works well for me, but I do think that in the best of worlds I would have LESS stuff. I kid you not when I tell you that some of my older papers are from 2007. Ideally, I would just have that “prioritized product storage” that I have on my desk; that is plenty of paper for plenty of scrapbook layouts. BUT, on the other hand, sometimes having lots of lovely papers to choose from is one of the most lush things ever.

I do think that if I had the chance, I would swap my big storage boxes on wheels for archive drawers with hanging file folders in them (or maybe some clear vertical paper holders), and instead of the expandable cropper hopper on my desk I might try and find some stackable paper trays, since it feels a bit wibbly-wobbly at times.

That’s it for this Storage Sunday, peeps! Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

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