Storage Sunday – How I store my scrapbooking projects

Well, hello there! Hope you are having a wonderful and summery Sunday!

This week I wanted to share a little bit about my scrapbooking storage with you guys. After having everything in piles, shoe boxes,  paper bags, and random plastic sleeves I think I have finally come to a solution that works for me, and even though it took a bit of an investment on my part, I feel okay with that.

I am a projects person and a list person. Just as likely as I am to have two or three books I read at the same time, I also start a lot of crafty projects that are going on in a parallel fashion, and keeping track of them, and keeping them safe during production, can be a bit of a handful sometimes.

Especially when it comes to scrapbooking projects and memory keeping, it can be a bit of a mess. The mix of full 12×12 papers, tiny embellishments, scraps, photos and notes tend to get spread around quite easily. Here’s what I do:

I have three different types of containers in the 12×12 size. These are an easy way to just keep everything I use for one ongoing project in one place, they stack, and can be stored high-end-up on my shelves in my craft space.

jenandtricks - scrapbooking project storage

  • The big art bin boxes (at the very bottom) I use for larger projects, longer projects, or thing that tend to get a bit bulky and needs a lot of room. For example: One big box of Christmas stuff (I know I only use it one or two months per year, no need to have them mixed up with the rest of my stash), one big box with travel themed products (that way I can just grab that when i sit down to scrap one of our trips), one big box of stuff for my recipe binder (this project never ends, we have way to many family recipes). I also keep a box with my finished layouts, so that they are kept safe until I can get them into an album.
  • The plastic papercraft folders (the ones in the middle) are about 1½ inches thick, and are great for collecting things for smaller projects in, like mini-albums or a series of layouts.  I use these a lot for keeping paper kits in, so that I have the whole kit in one place until I ave used it all up.
  • The Cropper Hopper paper envelope (at the very top) – these are very thin, plastic envelopes with a fabric hook-and-loop fastener that keeps them closed. These are so perfect for one or two layouts I am working on, or to keep a little mini kit in for a crop. Ideally I would have a whole bunch more and use them to make my own page kits in! What I tend to do for instance, is when i find that super awesome paper I want to use for a special layout, I stick it in one of these envelopes, and then I don’t forget what I was going to use it for, I don’t accidentally use it for something else (I am a bit of a scratterbrain sometimes, it’s happened more than once), and I can just stick other things in there I find that I think will go well with the page. But mainly I stick layouts in there that I haven’t really had time to finish, so that they won’t get wrecked in the mess that is my tiny craft space.

jenandtricks - scrapbooking project storageSo that’s how I store those big 12×12 papers and fiddly bits for most of my projects.

But for other big projects where I need to keep a lot of small stuff handy, I use this little cheap cart from IKEA:

jenandtricks - scrapbooking project storage

It didn’t cost much, it was the cheapest cart from the bathroom section, and it has just enough space for a couple of smaller containers in it. So in this cart I am storing things for three favourite projects I am working on right now, and probably will keep working on for the rest of the year.

Putting stuff away and trying to find them again just ain’t my tune, it makes me forget what I wanted to use, and it frequently makes me by new stuff because I forgot the little gems I have. Keeping them handy in this little cart gives me a good overview of what i have, what the theme is, what colours I am using, etc. It’s a great way to keep everything you are using for a project, but still make it easy to get to it if you want to use it for something else as well: embellishments, ink pads, stamps, dies etc. Once I get close to finished with one of the projects, another one will take its place on the cart.

jenandtricks - scrapbooking project storage

I have seen people do pretty much the same thing with the beloved IKEA Råskog cart, but I already have one for my most used tools, and this little one was a tad bit smaller, and fitted nicely in to a little corner (plus, much cheaper). I can imagine as I get more sucked into my planner project and my project life, that those two will get a designated place on this little cart!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my scrapbooking project storage! For now it feels like it’s working pretty great for me, and I am very happy to be rid of all the piles of random paper bags and shoe boxes that I used to have.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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