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Hello scrappy peeps!

After a few weeks vacation I find myself with a whole bunch of new photos and memories to scrapbook. Between my “big” camera as well as often taking photos with my smartphone and my little lomo, I accumulated around 2000 photos in three weeks. I will probably only scrappbook a handfull of those photos, but the ones I print out, hoping to scrapbook, I need to store and keep organised, and this is how I do it right now.

First of all, the storage:

jenandtricks - Photo Storage & Organisation

I keep one container with separate cases that are the perfect size for 4×6 photos, and one big box obviously filled with “some lovely stuff and really great things”.

The transparent container with the separate inserts I use mainly for specific themes or subjects, like for example one case for random photos that remind me of a specific story, one for photos that makes me think about me and my Mr, one for our cat (he’s speshull… he deserves a case of his own), one for photos about our summer cabin where I’ve spent most of my summers, one for photos of myself to use when I feel like writing about something going on in my head, and so on.

Of course I have used my trusty Dymo to mark up the individual cases! What would I do without it?

jenandtricks - Photo Storage & Organisation

The big box of lovely stuff and really great things is mostly filled with the big batches of photos I print from our trips or from specific events, divided in envelopes. It makes it easy to grab a bunch and flip through when I feel like scrapbooking a trip for instance.

jenandtricks - Photo Storage & Organisation

So this is the storage I use for the photos I print specifically for my scrapbooks. But, of course, I have several shoe boxes stashed away that are filled with photos from the glorious, analogue past. Who hasn’t got those?! (Well, probably people who’ve been born AFTER the invention of the digital camera, but never mind). So, boxes of printed photos and old negatives, which I am always struggling to scan and digitize, just in case something happens to the originals. Then i add them to my digital library.

My digital library:

I do my best to keep my digital files and photos organised as best I can. They are all sorted into folders by year, month and date, with a little notation at the end of the file name to give me an idea what the pictures entail (like “England”, or “Birthday”, or “flowers”). This keeps them strictly in a chronological order.

As I take new photos, I keep adding to this file structure. Likewise as I keep scanning old negatives or paper copies of older photos, in which case I back-date the photos as best as I can (“How old was he/she/it in this photo????”)

When there is time, I go in and add tags in the meta data of the digital files, like names of people in the photos or where the photos where taken. That way, if I need a photo of a person or an area or event, I can just search for that tag.

My best tool though, that I could never be without, is Lightroom, an image organiser and photo processor software. It keeps track of all my photos and folders and tags for me, and there are some great ways in there to note which my favourite photos are, make collections for projects, and of course process my photos before printing them.

So this is how I store and organise my photos, people! Hope is has been somewhat helpful.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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