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Hello everybody and welcome to another Storage Sunday! Last week, Therese shared her excellent storage- and organizing solution for her dies on out blog, so this time it’s my turn to give it a go! Here are my thoughts about how to store and organize dies:

Storage Sunday: Dies

Dies comes in so many different brands, sizes, shapes, and forms, that finding one optimal storage solution might feel like a big challenge. Even with a small collection like mine, the variety quickly became an issue. So I had a think about how I want be using my dies, and opted for one very simple criteria: Convenience.

I keep my Sizzix Big Shot and my basket of dies on one of my storage shelves in my crafting area. Now, in that sturdy basket I keep everything I would use with the Big Shot, i.e. dies, embossing folders, the base tray for my Movers & Shapers, and other accessories. So whenever I need it, I just take the Big Shot and the entire basket off the shelf, and I have everything I need to quickly get started. Convenient!

Storage Sunday: Dies

I keep most of my dies in these top-loaded, A5 plastic sleeves. They are approximately the same width as the work area of the Big Shot, so most dies will fit in them:

Storage Sunday: Dies

I try to keep something with the brand name on it in the sleeve, to help me remember the manufacturer. If the dies are too small and fiddly I might keep the sticky bit of the packaging to keep them in check, but mostly they are loose in the sleeve. But the main point it is easy to pull out a sleeve and get the die out. Also convenient!

Obviously the full-size Tim Holtz Alterations dies (lower left) are to chubby to keep in a sleep of any sort, but are sturdy enough to just keep as they are. Dito for the Movers & Shapers , but I keep them in their original packaging so that they don’t  get lost.

Last but not least, the embossing folders (lower right) are also sturdy enough to just stand on their own in the basket.

But: everything in one basket, so that I have access to all of it when I am using my Big Shot. More often than not I find myself cutting out an extra die shape from a scrap off of my work surface, which most often get used on the current project or on the next one. Convenient, right?

So far I am pleased with my storage and how I have organized my dies and embossing folders; it is a neat and tidy solution that makes it very accessible, and also very easy to sort and store away again. It helps me get that die cutting machine out more often!

I think if I’d change anything within the near future, it’d be to exchange the sticky packaging that keeps the more fiddly dies in place with magnetic tape, just like the tape Therese is using in her amazing craft-wardrobe, but I’d keep them in the sleeves. I also wouldn’t mind going a bit crazy with my Dymo machine and label all the sleeves, but, in all honesty, it doesn’t take that long to flip through my collection at this point, so that doesn’t really feel like a priority.

This wraps it up for this Sunday’s Storage bonanza! More to come next week! Have a great day, people!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

p.s. This article has been cross-posted on, head on over and read about how Therese stores her dies in her magic crafty wardrobe!

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