My Scrappy Scraps, Storing and using them

Well hello there, fellow crafters and paper nerds!

Today I want to talk a bit about our scrappy scraps, how I am storing them and mostly how I am using them.

Inevitably, when working on projects with pretty paper, there is bound to be some off-cuts and leftovers. Do we throw these in the bin? Nooooooo. (Well, I knew a few people who do. Well, I know one person that does. Sometimes). I know that personally I can’t stand to waste any leftover scraps, because I might need them someday, honestly, all those piles of sheets of wonderful paper I have is not enough, you never know when you might need an itty bitty piece of leftover polka dot paper and… Oh. Where was I? 

Scraps and storage! This is the evolution of my scrappy scrap storage:

In the very beginning I used to store and sort my scraps in a 12×12 postbound scrapbook album. Every little scrap was precious. I could turn the pages in the album and sigh happily at every little piece of paper. As my pile of scraps grew I changed my storage to an expandable 12×12 tote bag, in which I tried to sort my scraps into various systems of colours and patterns. In the end neither of these methods worked for me. I ended up spending time on sorting and organizing my paper scraps and it did not feel worth it, and not only that, but I just didn’t utilize my scraps as much as I felt I should.

So now I have found a way that really works for me, and a system I have had for the better part of the last five years:


That’s it.

jenandtricks - Storage Sunday: Scrappy scraps

I put them in this stackable, transparent, big plastic box with a lid, and when I want to use scraps I just quickly flip threw the pile. I out anything that is smaller than a full 12×12″ in here.

Things that are smaller than a 6×6 I put in this little container on my craft desk:

jenandtricks - Storage Sunday: Scrappy scraps

Even the smallest bits. And i use them all the time!

It is accessible and doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. I find myself incorporating my scraps in almost every project I make, and the pile of left-overs do not feel like an ever growing mountain of waste.

Once in a while I go through them and make some projects specifically with just scraps, like mini-albums, scrapbook layouts, cards, tags, project life cards or handmade embellishments. I feel very strongly that when it comes to scraps, it is not at all about how much effort you put into storing them, as much as using them up.

One example of my process:

I flip through the pile of off-cuts that are smaller than 12×12″. I grab a bunch that I speak to me that particular day. Example below:

jenandtricks - Storage Sunday: Scrappy scraps

I put the scraps together in stacked layers on a piece of neutral 12×12″ paper, add my photo and journaling plus some colour and embellishments, and then I have a layout:

jenandtricks - Scrapbook Layout - Crazy Cat Lady

Absolutely not the most complicated or exclusive layout, but a story recorded for sure!

Even smaller bits can be turned into tags, cards or project life cards:
jenandtricks - Storage Sunday: Scrappy scraps jenandtricks - Storage Sunday: Scrappy scraps jenandtricks - Storage Sunday: Scrappy scraps

It’s always good to have a few tags and cards in hand, you never know when you might need it!

I hope you enjoyed this post about how I store and use my scraps. Thanks for visiting and happy Sunday!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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