Sundays Make Room for Creative Mess


It’s been very rare lately to have a day when I can spend some time just messing about with my crafting materials. I decided I’d take some time today to make a layout, and just not stress, give it the time it needs. I might get done with it today. I might not. It doesn’t matter.

I am loving my new little crafting space, it’s just so great to have everything in one place instead of hidden away in a billion different cupboards. Took a snapshot of my desk and thought I’d share.

If’ I’ve had an idea for a while for a design, I like to collect the notes or sketches or whatever else needs compiling onto a simple A4 page, to keep it a bit in order and have a place to extend my idea. Usually when I do this I find it easier to make it all come together in the end. It also means I can go back and look over my old ideas and re-purpose them, whenever I need to.

 I hope everyone is having a nice and slow, crafty Sunday. Stay safe!

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