That thing about feeling creative


Me and Tricks have been very quiet this winter, which was one of the coldest in Sweden in many years. Even now in the end of May cool winds are still lingering and the sun seems a bit shy. Thank goodness we’re off to Greece in less than three weeks! We’ll soak up some sun and warmth and take a lot of photos to scrapbook with!

I’m also thinking about putting together a scrapbook travel kit, something compact and portable, to be able to maybe make or alter some postcards. Hmm. Something to think about. I have some ideas…

So, after a harsh winter and a very long and bleak spring, there is finally some daylight and sun and fresh air, and my need to feel creative and actually produce something has grown stronger and stronger. I haven’t woken up with that get-up-and-go feeling in a long while, but in the last few weeks the lack of creativity has been almost painful. I need to DO something. Anything!

So we had two days of scrapbooking this week, for the first time in months! We rented a small space, brought all our gear and set to work with a project each that we’ve been planning. And for once we actually focused, and did not fall off track by starting to make jewellery or cards or altered stuff (or just sit and drink coffee and gossip and look at all our pretty crafting stuff). We both wanted to make something with some of our photos.

Tricks started on an album telling a story about what happened in her life in 2006. It was the year when her sister got married and the year that Tricks travelled to America and fell in love. It was the year of strong green and orange colours, so naturally the scrapbook is very colourful, just like Tricks herself!

I started on a scrapbook for my mum. It was her 60th birthday this year, and for years and years she’s dreamed about going to Italy. So we went! I took over 1 200 photos the first week, some of them came out really good! So I’m trying to compile some of them into a somewhat coherent album.

I have been taking photos all my life, most of them not especially qualitative or interesting. I don’t know how many film rolls I’ve wasted through the years. Nowadays, of course, I have my digital cameras, except for my little Lomo I bought last year.

I’ve been more drawn to photography the last two years. I want to learn more, do more. I should make it a project and post some of the pics here. Anyways, I hope I can keep this promise: more posts are coming!

Self portrait from a café in Massa Marittina, Italy, 2010

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