That thing they call autumn

You know how it gets, when the lazy days of summer are over and weather gets a bit chilly. At least for me, it means I want to cuddle up inside and go crafty crazy! I have so many ideas but so little time… somehow I have got to start making more time for myself and my crafting plans ;) It’s like cheap therapy after all.

Tricks and I have had a couple of scrapbook days during summer, and also organized an all-girls crafting day for a couple of friends. Everyone brought their stuff, some brought things for scrapbooking and card making, a couple of people brought their sewing machines, and all in all it was a very good day. I forgot to take any pictures though! Doh…

However we have a new day planned in a few weeks, so I’ll make up for it.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately though, during various vacations this summer (Italy, Greece, Scotland, England). Maybe I should post some here… I’ve been working on some layouts with some of the photos, it’s a lot of fun! Tricks has been taking a sewing class! She bought some wicked fabric the other day for a dress, can’t wait to see the result!

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