The Apple Print – Create 365, Day 16

Today’s prompt was to make a unique print, and cut an image out of a potato (But, I’m sick to death of potato prints. There’s just something about the mixed smells of potato and ink… *shiver* So I used an apple instead). I wanted to use the shape of the apple itself, since it’s simply so beautiful. Also, unique organic print for almost no money. Pretty neat!

I tried to do a couple of prints with different inks on some watercolour paper. Most of them came out really well! I worked on them some more by blending some distress inks, and also used a bit of watercolour and mists. I got 3 prints I really like a lot, and think I will use them as backgrounds in my 2012 book soon, and also in my recipe binder. Here’s an example of one of them:

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  1. Thank you, Tracy! It was a lot of fun too, and of course it’s a great feeling when something so simple turn out so well :)

    Wow, thank you for the tip! I’ll definetly try that out!

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