The Beauty of Mail Art

Getting a postcard or a letter in the post is a fantastic thing. It’s something personal and colourful that someone sent to you, and only for you. It’s not a common thing anymore, to get real correspondence in actual paper form, instead of messages on Facebook or Twitter, or a text on your phone. What ends up in your mailbox is mostly bills or junk mail.

My friend Micu decorates her letters in so many ways, and every time I find one in my mail box I do a little dance!


Mail art of Olympic porportions from my friend Micu

Micu recently started a project, inviting everyone or loves to create mail art, or would like to try, to build a community and use the awesome power of snail mail and mail art to do something good with their superpowers: to make someone in need smile and cheer them up. Go read about it here! Also, go see the gallery here!

Example of my mail art

Creative mail art can take so many forms. Need to get inspired? Check out Flickr, for instance. But, most importantly: consider joining Micu’s project! All contact information are on her page for the project. New challenge will be up in a while!

Love & Peace! It starts with you.

Stay safe!

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  1. I just read all about the project and it sounds wonderful! I’m not yet sure if I manage to join, but if I do – I’ll most definitely participate! <3 At least I'll follow it to see each month's creations :3

    (Thank you for your lovely comment, by the way! I'm really glad you enjoyed my mail art tries, dear Jennie <3).

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