The Breakfast Prompt – Create 365, Day 9

I’m moving on in my project to make something every day for 365 days, and today, day 9, the prompt in Noah Scalin’s diary said: Do something with your breakfast.

Sadly I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning, but it is a Monday, and I was tired, so I treated myself to a wonderful, warm, creamy, frothy, wonderful latte. And then I called it breakfast.

The coffee was indeed so nice and perked me up so much that I felt compelled to write an Espresso Story (as story that should take no longer than an espresso takes to drink, in 25 words or less). This is how it turned out:

The Zombie Apocalypse

by Jennie

Over my dead body, I said. And look at me now…

New day tomorrow. Day 10! Will I last two weeks? I hope so… Maybe I should just keep drinking coffee.

P.S. It actually got published on their site! Woot! Read it here!

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