The Cheese Pirate Earrings

Vanja Utne is a Norwegian illustrator and artist that I love. She makes wonderful art, and her illustrations are so charming and just looking at them makes me smile. She’s also the creator of one of my favourite comics on the web.

Go visit her site and check out her wonderful stuff at

So, this Christmas she sent out some Frostfell cardswith her own illustrations on it, and she sent one to me! It was totally one of the highlights during the holidays, and certainly one of the nicest cards I’ve gotten. I wanted to send her a card back, but also, I couldn’t help but make these Cheese Pirate earrings. Handmade, custom made and limited edition *wink*, these are the only ones, and only for Vanja!

This character is Lunch, the rodent bard:

I love this little rattie so he got some dangly hearts to hang out with him. And this is the cheese pirate, with some shiny loot (because he’s a pirate. So he needs some treasure. But I didn’t add any cheese):

I’m looking forward to seeing more art from Vanja, and I hear rumours of the possible publishing of a book soon. I’ll pre-order mine!

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe!

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