The crafter at the end of the stashiverse

Are you thinking about ways to use your stash? If you didn’t know by now, I can tell you straight out that I am very, very fond of my scrapbook papers. I think that of all the products I use for my crafting, the pretty paper is what sparks the most joy. I can talk scrapbook paper for hours on end (boring loved ones to tears), and, likewise regarding organizing them.

Some people say that you can never have too much paper, and though in my heart that rings true, there comes a point when yes, one can have too much. There are plenty of reasons that I will blatantly ignore, but the one reason I want to mention is the limitation of SPACE. You need a place to store it, after all. And the real-estate of a crafter’s stashiverse does not perpetually expand but is usually a case of a fixed capacity.

A few years back I decided that I would not keep expanding my designated space for my patterned paper, but rather have the designated space as a limit to how much I would be allowed to buy/own/use. Well, that designated space keeps getting crammed with lovely, lovely paper and as much as I use when I go through my more prolific phases, sometimes it feels like I’m not even making a dent.

Well, it’s time to make a dent!

It’s something I do from time to time. Some people purge. I just go on a crafting bonanza, recklessly throwing myself into a whirlpool of projects. In a way it is a very good exercise, it often makes me think outside of the box and I get to try out some new stuff.

Here are 3 things I will do to make a sizeable dent in my paper stash this time:

1 – Actually weed out the old papers. I love them dearly, but I have gotz to use them. Remove them from my stash, put them in a pile and grab a chunk and make something. Cards, card bases, layouts, mini-books, cards for my Project Life albums, embellishments, anything!

2 – Use those paper collections! Choose a collection of papers from one manufacturer, either one of those actual collection packs, or just round up all the loose papers from one collection that I happen to have, and see how many layouts I can make, or make a mini-book.

3 – Make a kit (or several). Perfect to just grab and use on crops or crafty weekends, papers picked out and ready to go. I think I will probably do this with any gems I find, e.g. if I find one old paper I have a longstanding relationship with (it’s complicated, don’t ask), base a kit around that paper.

This is a first step to take a deep dive into the depths of my craft space and make use of all my craft goodies!

Therese and I have promptly named this endeavour “The crafter at the end of the stashiverse”. We buy, we organize and we store, but we will also make USE of our things, gosh dammit! Who’s with me?


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