The Grandfather and the Dog, part 2

Today I didn’t follow the daily prompt in the creative diary. It had to do with going outside, and since there is a storm going on right now I didn’t feel to compelled to do that, hehe. So instead I stayed in my crafty corner and put together a layout based on the journaling I created yesterday. Since the project is about creating something every day, with no boundaries or rules, and I managed to do an entire layout in one sitting (I’m not a fast scrapbooker) I’m pretty pleased with myself. Yay me! Day 4 is done!

Reflection: It’s weird how I find myself constantly using yellow and blue, when these are my least favourite colours. What’s up with that?

Another reflection: It took me a LONG time NOT to put a lot of extra stuff on this layout. I realise it’s not very well balanced and that the upper left corner could have used something, maybe, but in the end I, after rummaging through my entire stash, I settled for splashing some blue watercolour up in the corner. So there you go. Sometimes it’s more about the story than the pretty shiny things, I’m learning *smile*. And this layout was really about the journaling and the story in the photo.

Hey, if you want to read the text I did a poor attempt at translating it yesterday, and you can read it there if you’d like. Thanks for stopping by! Happy scrappin’!

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