The Key

Inspiration and motivation is a fickle thing. You can not rely on it to be there every day, and no matter how much geist you feel about something today, the morning after is always another story. But inspiration is the key to so many things that we do, the key to motivation and ideas. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, mostly on days when I’ve felt un-productive, and have been trying to pin-point what it that inspires me.


Well, of course, for all the obvious reasons, Tricks does! Feeling a bit Greengablish at the moment, I dare say she’s a kindred spirit. Not only does she have a unique style that always blows my mind and makes me think, she also know me so well. If I am stuck, she always knows what to do.

My family, they’ve given me all the possibillites to try things out. It seems I always discovers more things about them. Like that my dad has a passion for photography and has been doing his own passepartout. My mother used to take drawing classes and was asked to apply to an art school in Denmark.  I share her love for cooking and she shares my interest in scrapbooking.

Finding out about new techniques inspires me.  Every new technique I learn about is like opening a new door. Especially something used in another craft branch, then it becomes sort of a cross breeding thing, which excites me. And there is no better place to find something new like that, than the Internet.

Now, if I feel like I have to go and search for inspiration, there are so many sources, big and small, in my minds eye I see it like a big, old, loved basket (the one you would pick your fresh apples in during the fall) of treasures: colour schemes, patterns, shapes, materials, structures, add campaigns, ceramics, art, designs, photographs, animated movies, comics. You can just pick one of those up from the basket and then get that spark you need.

Things I would like to get more inspiration from and incorporate in my crafting are stories and music. Certainly the music I play when I create or write will influence what I am doing, but I haven’t so far chosen a specific piece of music and decided to interpret it in paper and glue and paint.

To be able to express an underlining story with scrapping or enhance a picture with a narrative just through design is something I am trying to reach. It’s like my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – expression and voice. I have far to go though, still being sort of new at this. One day, maybe!

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  1. Tricks

    YOU inspire me! Any and every day that we both work and have our conversations I always leave work with inspiration, ideas, plans and a feeling of purpose. You give me energy and help me along in my creativity.

    You always have idéas that I can just shake my head at and WISH I could do something even half as good. I am really looking forward to our outing!

    Those weeks when we don’t really meet each other are much less creative and I am always more tired after work.

  2. Jen

    But sweetie! You always give me new ideas, you always do things iin a way I would never have thought of! I whish I had your brain (in a non zombie kind of way, mind you). ;) /Jen

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