The Numbers are Up

I’m making a small album with photos from my trip to Italy, and I couldn’t find an album I liked. I got a generic one instead, and am going to try and spruce it up. I wanted some chipboard numbers to glue on the front but could not find any in the right size or shape. I did however find really cheap ones made of light weight wood at the craft store, sold piece by piece. So, that way, I can alter them any way I want, and in the end I don’t have a box of left overs I won’t use. Win!

So I painted them red with ordinary acrylic paint, and then I used a glossy accent that crackles as it dries. It’ll match the Italy-inspired ribbon i found, so now I feel all co-ordinated and matchy ;) Gluing them on the front cover of the album with some bead glue will keep them in place.

Cheap and plain wooden numbers, painted to match the colours of the ribbon. (Also notice the time warp back to 2001)
Use a glossy or crackled glaze to give it dimension (you can glaze just about anything…)
Ready to use, crackeled red numbers to glue on album.


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