The Rain, the Cappuccinos and the Posh Lady – A Scrapbook Layout

I have had this starting point from Shimelle last week rolling around in my head. Overall her sketches have really given my creativity a kick in the butt lately, but I haven’t tried out a starting point yet, so I thought it was about time. I am very dedicated to using small scraps from my box of left overs right now (I certainly have some favourites in there I would like to get on a layout instead of just having them waste away), and last weeks starting point is just perfect for that. So, better late than never! Here goes:


Me and my parents went on this amazing trip in 2010. We went on a road trip in Tuscany. It was one of those completely incredible lets-get-lost-and-see-what-happens trips, with lot’s of fantastic little Tuscan towns and good food and wine and great coffee and sunshine. So many impressions! Both my dad and I had just gotten back into photography and I think I took almost 1500 photos that week. I have weeded a lot of them out, of course, but among the hefty numbers of photos I’ve kept there are some clear favourites, and this is one of them.

Again, I’m very sorry for the crappy photo. I seem to only have time to photograph my layouts late at night. Far from ideal! Anyway:

I’ll try and translate the journaling:

At the end of the week it was time to leave Volterra and head back to Viterbo and, in the end, Rome. Spring rain! Suddenly all the green completely changes tones. Heavy clouds rested on the mountain and of the roof tops and old walls of Volterra. The cypresses are no longer standing tall and proud, but are tousled by the wind. How could anyone describe the scent of the fresh air? Go to Italy in late spring!

We took a detour over the woodland hills of Colline Metallifere, on this damp day a veritable jungle of chlorophyll. Tangled roads leading up into the mist. Incredibly beautiful ans such a contrast to the cultivated hills of Tuscany.

After several hours in the car our need for coffee was dire. We found a small café in the town of Massa Marittima, but the town seemed completely deserted. It turned out that everyone was attending the Sunday mass, and the café we were in was the place to gather in afterwards to have a cheeky glass of Campari. Enter stage right, a group of people in their most fashionable Sunday best, lead by a very sharp lady in high heals. We, the wrinkly, dusty tourists, were given a long stare, and then it was very clear that we were NOT invited to share the free nuts that were placed by the bar. But we enjoyed our perfectly balanced 1-euro cappuccinos and ordered ourselves another one.

I love the photo in this layout; I think it’s the dearest one I have from that trip. It’s my dad, me and my mum (a rare combination in one and the same photograph), sitting on our bar stools in that little café, in front of a huge mirror. So I snapped a shot of all three of us through that mirror. When I see this photo I can really think back and remember how happy I felt in that moment. Because I felt that we were all happy and in a really good mood, after having spent an amazing week together driving around in Tuscany and finding new amazing things every day. And finally finding a cup of coffee that day.

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