Traditions & Midsummer –

Summer is drawing closer and so is one of the best holidays in Sweden: Midsummer. For me it’s the kick off of summer, and even though it’s usually cold and rainy (typical Swedish Midsummer) you can still feel the promises of warm and lazy days to come. I get to spend it on my favourite place on earth, out by our summer cabin, and I get to spend it with friends and family. It is much more relaxed than any other holiday I know; there is no time schedule, no worries about finding the right gifts for people, and instead of serving the same food as every year my mother, my cousin and I try out a lot of new stuff. It’s about having a cold beer in the sun and fighting off mosquitoes and having a weekend of barbecue. And maybe a dip in the sea, if you’re brave.

It is a tradition by now that Tricks comes along! It wouldn’t really be midsummer without her (and my mother would not have it any other way). We’ve spent a lot of good days out there!

Last year we decided to surprise my mum by making a photo album for her, with photos we’ve taken over the years. And it had to be done quickly, because we came up with the idea a bit late and we didn’t have a lot of time. So we decided on a format, bought an album and some papers, decided what pictures to use and then promptly split the project in half. So Tricks made half of the layouts, I made the other haf, and then we ended up gluing it all together out in the cabin, on a sunny midsummer afternoon.

We are both very proud of this project, because it was the first where we really used some of all the photos we love. And also, it really seemed to be an appreciated gift. It was passed around the table, and my family and relatives got to see pictures they had never seen before, that they never knew existed. You know how it is, you take a lot of photos of your family and friends and then you forget to show them. A few years later it’s like finding an unknown treasure and memories come flooding back.

Tricks took some snapshots of the entire project just before we handed it over to my mother, but we forgot to post them here, so here they are:

“Skäret” (The Skerrie), with one of the several rusty old hooks my grandfather pu up a long time ago
A view of the cabin from below
“A quiet moment”. My cousin’s hubby Hasse and my dad chilling out for a bit
The gang having midsummer lunch
Dart tournament! Mum and cousin Eva were the winners! (Eva got a Bulls Eye)
Sunshine and coffe!

Regular guests of honour: Will and Tricks!

Summer girl Tricks
Our old dog, Chief. He loved the summer house and the sea
My dad and Chief, best of friends
Dad and Hasse, getting the old boat ready
My dad’s favourite old boat, “Mulle”
Jen – Queen of the Sea
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