Tricks Bracelets

Tricks have been making all these neat and almost edible bracelets lately, they really remind me of the candy bracelets you could get as a kid (and you’d walk around all day with them around your wrist and eat the little sugar beads once in a while, at the end of the day you’d bee all high on candy and have sticky wrists).

We decided to take a few shots of Tricks in her bracelets, which is easier said than done during winter season. We didn’t have a lot of extra lighting, so we had to use the flash, which meant that the shadows got terribly sharp, but in the end a cheap lamp from Ikea got to play the part of a softener. Thank you Jed for that idea:

In the end a lot of the shots came out un-sharp, but we got a few good ones, so this is the end result. Here’s Tricks!

It was a lot of fun, I’m really getting more and more into photography, and am starting to love my digital camera. It helps having people around with the same interest!


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