Unexpected Inspiration – Unexpected Finger Puppets

Sometimes inspiration or ideas appears in very weird ways. A string of events or interesting leads end up in something like this:

Now; I haven’t crocheted since I was 12. But I used to do it a lot back when I was a kid. Not using patterns or anything, just making random… things. Growing up it became a mystery to me, though, and I thought I had forgotten how to do it. But it worked out pretty well! So, what are these creatures?

 A while back my friend Micu shared a wonderful movie with me called Mary & Max, and I fell in love completely. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and it I have seen it several times since. It’s a clay-animated black comedy and drama, written and directed by Adam Elliot. I googled a little bit about him and then found a short film he’d made in the same style, Harvie Krumpet. It’s completely brilliant, I loved it as well! It has themes similar to Mary & Max, and Geoffrey Rush is narrating. It’s up there on Youtube by the distributor, GO WATCH IT HERE.

There is one tiny little short scene in Harvie Krumpet when Harvie is hosting a drunken show with knitted finger puppets (15:24 into the clip) at a retirement home. “Everyone was thoroughly entertained…”. So anyway, I saw this tiny little short scene in this short movie and couldn’t stop laughing at the finger puppets and the googly eyes and the story, and I just thought to myself: “I HAVE to make these finger puppets and send to Micu“.

So I did!

Granted, I did crochet them instead of knit them, but I love how they turned out. Off you go to Budapest, little friends!


It’s probably one of the weirdest things I have ever sent to someone. But I think Micu is the girl to appreciate them ;) I am most likely to try another crochet project, it was a lot of fun! Besides: I still have googly eyes left!


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  1. Found your blog through your pen pal ad at Julie’s (which, by the way, I’ve read without a single wink!) and immediately fell in love with your online crafty corner, those two crocheted guys and the MONKEY! n_n (Never ever saw a monkey addict? Here I am!). See you soon, I now go to stalk your ealier works <3

    Happy crafting and pen palling!

  2. @Michi: Hi there! So glad you found my blog, thank you for coming over and having a look! :) And THANK you for your kinds words, so happy you like my crafty corner. Yo, monkeys ROCK! Thry are like ninjas, but better. <3 Sneaked a peak at your lovely blog as well! Awesome! Added you to my google reader :) Keep up the good work!

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