Update Overdue

My crafting supplies has been packed in boxes since the end of March. This is a sad, sad fact. A very happy fact is that I have been moving houses (read more about this here) and moved in with the man I love. This is completely awesome; it feels like a rare treat to get to live with someone who is supporting, encouraging, loving and inspiring. Sure, he makes jokes about glitter being the plague of crafting, but he’s encouraging none the less! He is, for instance, the reason I got more courage and motivation to practice on my camera skills.

In the last year I’ve taken more photographs than I have in the last five all together. I’ve taken a lot of chances to practice and by now I feel I know my camera pretty well and actually know how to use it to get closer to the results I envisioned. Also, I’ve kept it handy during the move and have been able to sneak in a project or two with Tricks. It’s been a lot of fun! I needed her to wear some antennae for one of them, and she crafted some really cute ones with wire and patterned papers.

I’ll do a post later on with more details of the crafted antennae, but meanwhile you can find the photo post on my other blog, here. I just have to share this little picture, I love it!

Looking through the photos I’ve taken the last year I realise I’ve started to build up quite a pile of photos I want to scrapbook or put in an album. While it’s great when one happens to capture a specific moment by chance, you know one of those lucky snap shots, actually creating photo ops are just as fun, and it’s really something else when you start to get them printed on actual nice photo paper, and not just see them on a screen. And once you lay them out before you on a table you can’t help getting new ideas. Now I just need to get my crafting supplies from the storage and set them up. That is a project all on its own.

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