Urban life

I have all these ideas in my head and all I want to do is go home and grab my scissors and glue! But, of course, I have to support my addiction somehow so I am stuck at work for a few more hours. I hope to get a couple of good hours of glue madness on Saturday!

Tricks pictures of the tiny houses on the street light really hit the spot with me. I love street art and guerrilla art, how citizens takes charge in the public room, and how often it turns out to be something soft and sweet (like Knitta Please). It always makes me smile and is so very inspiring, I have more than half a mind to try it out myself. To extend my scraposphere to the urban sphere.

Sometimes (like this time of year in Sweden when everything seems soggy and grey) it feels that everything in a city is just harsh and unfriendly, but then you see something like a bench with a knitted scarf on it or a something colourful that someone decided to add, and it makes my city a cheerful place.

These cards are a tribute to that, they are my Urban Sphere. More pics soon. /Jen


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