Use Your Stash – Beginning of a Project

Okay people, I am committing to this now. I am going to use what I have. I am going to use my stash!

As a crafter, it is all too easy to fall for temptation and just keep adding to your collection of materials with the intent to make fun and glorious projects with them sometime in the future. And sometimes you might not even know that the products you buy are for – They are just pretty! So you add them to your stash.

Then you find yourself with a stash of stuff you love but don’t use. Well, it’s time to use it now!

I will from now on, with intent, go through my stash and start using my old stuff I completely forgot I had. I will use the papers that are “too pretty to cut up”. I will use all my very favourite embellishments that are still in their packs, because “I’m saving them for a special layout”. I will grab all the things I once loved, but now think is rather “bleh”, and incorporate them into my projects. And I will analyse why I bought them, and what they were originally for, and I will find new ways to use them.

Now; I’m not saying I’m banning myself from shopping for new stuff. I’m just saying that it’s  a shame to just hoard the stuff; It’s way more fun to use them. And it’s rather satisfying to use something up, to the very last scrap. At some point I would like to feel that I am using more things than I am buying.

I will blog about it here. Be ready to see some really old products…

You can join the project too!

I’ve created some banners, free for use if you’d like! Here they are:


If you would like to link to my site, that would be an honour! But it is certainly not a must. Just go use your stash!

I’ve created a page for this project, and you can find it here. Stay safe and happy crafting!

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  1. Love that you are going through with this! I will be following your project, amazed as usual!
    I should join you but I’m a hoarder, I love to have my stuff and just watch it (most of the time) or re-organize whenever needed. I honestly think I love that part more than using them, but on the other hand I can’t say I have tried.. ever.. he he
    I will consider accepting the challenge and put one of the very pretty banners on my blog!
    Oh btw, you should totally print one out and wear it whenever you work with your stash :D

  2. Tess, my dear! Thank you! :) I know what you mean; I’m a hoarder too! It feels a bit daunting, but I want to make at least a dent in my stash, so, I will try. Went through my things today and found stuff from my very first shopping spree, like, over five years ago….

    You are welcome to join, sporadically, spontaneously, or hardcore! There are no rules. Only a chance to make room for more stuff! ;)

  3. I already have the logo on my website, it is sooo cute:)as you know I love giving away thing so I am not a tipical hoarder:) ..but I only like to give away my most precios stuff if I know it will be appreciated by the person who receives it:) I like the idea a LOT by the way:)

  4. I love this idea and will be using it in the Shimelle class Learn Something New Everyday! I have let everything sit for the last 2 years and now I am back at it with all “old product” that I will not replenish until most of the old is gone. Welllll!! maybe just a bit of bakers twine and washi that I don’t own LOL!

  5. Greetings, Susan! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to somment, this made me so happy!

    I’m sooo excited to be in Shimelle’s class, so also: so nice to meet you!

    Yay, you can do it, use your stash!!! But yes, you might very well be in dire need of washi tape and baker’s twine to use your old stuff :D

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