Use Your Stash – More Velvet Ribbon Cards

“Will this product never end?!” you think, and having asked the same question myself I can honestly say: NO. But I will keep at it until I see a visual dent in this part of my stash! So, more projects with self-adhesive crushed velvet ribbon is to be expected (has anyone ever blogged so this much about this? Surely! To the googles!)

My initial thoughts and analyses about the product can be read here (clicky clicky). More about the project “Use Your Stash” is to be found here.

Meanwhile, I made some more cards with this never-ending velvet ribbon.

I made some more birthday cards, because they are always handy to have.I used some papers from the DCWV Taj Mahal paper stack again, because I figured that the ornate pattern would do well with the swirly shapes of the ribbon.

A few little blingy blings to top it off:

These birthday cards will be great for some of my lovely, spritely friends! There are birthdays coming up, so it’s always good to be prepared. That reminds me though…. Christmas soon. Wonder if these ribbons would go well on some chr…. bah! Arglebarglefargle!

Estimated amount used: Still, not a lot. Not a lot is needed for cards. I need to go bigger!

Estimated amount left: Certainly more than half the amount left.

Did I buy anything extra to make this project? Nope.

Bonus points: I used some sequins and rhinestones, which is always a plus, since I have tons of it (I like sparkly things, what can I say?). Proud to have literally ripped out two more papers from the Taj Mahal paper stack. That’s only 2-3 years old or so? I had a very clear plan for that paper pad, it was going to be used for an entire 8×8 album. Then i ended up only using 3 papers from it. So, plenty left of that one… Great for cards though, the papers are very thick and sturdy.

Conclusion: I need to move on from cards, it’s too small.

More projects to come. I bet you can’t wait for all the excitement!

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