Use Your Stash – My Last Word on the Bloody Velvet Ribbon

I promised yesterday that I would be done with this product this week. So, hence my last post on this darned self-adhesive crushed velvet ribbon. Finally! It isan’t ALL that, after all, I can imagine a week of “bla bla ribbon”, “bla bla I need to use it all!” can be a bit boring. So, last spurt.

You can read the initial post about this product I found deep in my stash here, and also, read all about my project “Use Your Stash” over here on this page!

Let’s do this thang:

My friend Tess, when I whined about this bloody ribbon, said to me the following proclamation of wisdom: “Hey, Jennie, wtf mate? Use all your sprays. Do you thing with those!”. And that opened up an entire new chapter on this product that I completely did not think about! So now, I sort of wish I could do another week, because, hey, opportunities and ideas.

But for my last projects with it, I decided to do another layout, and a few more cards, and be done with it. So I decided to use the ribbon as a stencil. THANK YOU, Tess!

I use some white cardstock as a base, but the ribbon on top, and sprayed and misted and whatnot, which actually created a pretty good background. Also, the ribbon soaked the excess spray up very well, and even looked a bit better after than it did originally so now I might use the bits I used as a stencil for another project, because it looks darker and a bit aged and grungy, which I for one like).

All the happy colours inspired me to make this layout:

Suddenly I found myself going nuts with more colour. Also; I had this photo of myself that I think fits pretty well with that colourful background. This is the story for this photo:

Me and Jed was leaving the house and I am standing in the hallway putting on my coat and scarf and hat (so, in the middle of winter, for sure). Jed says something funny, in that typical way he does that I love, and I burst out laughing until the verge of tears. And he takes a snapshot of me. And when I look at this photo of myself, I know exactly how much in love I am in that very moment.

So, a happy layout for a very happy photo. I’m a lucky girl! :)

I used the same technique with the ribbon and spray on a few pages from an old discarded book. I smudged on a lot of distress ink to age the pages further, put the ribbon on top, and sprayed and misted the pages. I just love how distress ink reacts to any sort of liquid! Here’s the result:

I like how you can see the printed letters beneath all the colours. Awesome!

Estimated amount used: I used maybe 12 inches of each ribbon, but I can still use those pieces on another project.

Estimated amount left: Half. That’s how much I used this week. Half. Maybe less than that.

Did I buy anything extra to make this project? Not a thing.

Bonus points: For making a simple background for a layout with very small means. Also, for using loads of scraps from my magic scrap box (essentially a ton of leftovers). Aaand for recycling pages form an old book that someone threw away.

Conclusion: Everything last way longer and for may more projects than you might think. A little goes a long way! That panicky feeling I get when I buy something and think it wont last long, there is really no reason to feel like that!

Well, I didn’t use all of it. I really did try my best. But also: I LIKE IT MORE NOW. How is that possible? I will most probably use more of it in the future. One day, I will use it to the very last inch.Promise!

Goodbye, velvet ribbon! I’ll probably see you at Christmas… But, for now: So long, and thanks for the… self-adhesiveness?

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