Use Your Stash – Scrapbook Layouts with the Never Ending Crushed Velvet Ribbon

Yes. I’m still going at it with the self-adhesive crushed velvet ribbon. Seriously. I want it OUT of my stash, but I refuse to throw anything away. I bought the stuff, I have a responsibility to use it and not just keep it for several years in a box and then toss it out. You can’t really fight consumerism in this industry, because it’s just MADE for making you buy stuff (and I’m down with that, I don’t mind investing in pretty things that coincides with a cherished hobby). But you know… at least consume it once you do. And.. I keep coming up with stuff to make from it, it seems like it’ll be crushed velvet all week long, peeps!

You can read my initial thoughts about the product I’m trying to use in this here blog post, and if you want to get stuck in the Use Your Stash project (which is basically: USE WHAT YOU HAVE!) you can read more about it here.

So let’s get started:

I’ve done tags and cards, so I’m moving on to scrapbook layouts. I wanted to use the red velvet ribbon for one, and as I flipped through my photos I just found the perfect match. A photo of me in a frikkin’ red velvety plush onesie! So, some odd 30 years ago I was the hight of fashion! All you hipsters walking around in onsies today: Sorry, us people growing up in the late 70’s are so way ahead of you.

So this is a photo from my very first home! I’m on my mother’s lap, in our living room. Besides my outfit, there are some distinct features from this time period, like the motif wallpaper with a lovely forest (beech or birch tree, I think it was), a stripy beige and brown floor lamp, and of course my mother’s awesome glasses! And, to make the picture perfect, I’ll describe what you can’t see in the photo: a pair of bright orange, corduroy sofas. You can’t see them, but I know they’re there. That’s the beauty with old photos from your childhood home!

“Liten” is the Swedish word for “little”. The journaling is about how this was the first living room I knew and how I used to play pong and watch TV-shows for kids there, but back then they didn’t dub them much and my mum had to sit with us as we watched a French animated TV-show and read us the subtitles out loud.

It was hard to get the red hue on the photos right and show how well it went with the photo, so here’s a close up just to show the red fuzziness:


I wanted to use the black velvet ribbon on a layout as well, since that was what it was originally for:

Since one of my favourite colour combinations ever is black and red, I just had to go with this red polka dot paper as a background. That, plus some sprays and distress ink made the starting point.

The journaling is about how in 2010 my love for photography was rekindled and how I’m documenting everything in my life now, small and big, trips and special occasions, and the lovely every day.

I’m getting in to this thing now when I’m starting to like the black velvet ribbon so much I don’t really want to use it all up. Treacherous path! Beware, fare adventurers!

Estimated amount used: A tiny bit more than when I made the cards?

Estimated amount left: About half? Bloody hell!

Did I buy anything extra to make this project? Nope.

Bonus points: On the first layout, all the paper pieces are random scraps from my scrap box. So yay for using my leftover scraps! On the second one, the polka dot paper is one I bought quite recently. I love it. That could sooo easily have ended up in my stash for years for that very reason. So yay for using something I just bought! Finally, the retro camera sticker. It’s a piece form a gorgeous set of stickers in a really nifty metal tin. I’ve pulled them out so many times and never used them, because they are “too nice”. But I broke that barrier this week.

Conclusion: These ribbons add a pretty nice dimension and accent to a layout. And I still have too much left of it.

I will soldier on. Please don’t give up on me. I’ll give it the weekend and then I’m on to other things. Promise.

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  1. Ah, I love the polka dots paper again:) The camera sticker looking nice and the orange sofa – priceless:) I knew this day would come. I need to learn Swedish, I want to understand everything you write:)

  2. I sort of miss those orange sofas… :) Aaaw, I will try to translate more =) Sometimes I write my journaling in English as well, depends on if it is a layout about my family history or a layout about my life with Jed :)

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