Use Your Stash – The Crushed Velvet Ribbon Edition #1

So, yesterday I boldly announced that I will dive into my stash in a magical quest to USE WHAT I HAVE. You can read more about it on this page (clicky clicky)! Two of my statements are as follows:

  • I will grab all the things I once loved, but now think is rather “bleh”, and incorporate them into my projects., and I will analyse why I bought them, and what they were originally for, and I will find new ways to use them.
  • I will find stuff I have had in my stash from the very beginning and USE IT ALL UP, not just keep it because “it might be good to have and I might not find anything like it ever again”

So I took the plunge, and I found THIS:

Plenty of self-adhesive velvet ribbon. Where did that come from?!

Estimated Age: I know exactly when I bought this. These are some of the first ribbon-type items I bought, when I first started scrapbooking. I didn’t like regular ribbon, I just couldn’t see the point of it, bit this stuff seemed glammy and exotic and usable to me. I bought the big, black velvet ribbon in early autumn of 2007, at my first scrapbooking class. I bought the red and the brown rolls just before Christmas, 2007.

Estimated Amount: Too much! Almost 2 meters of the black. The rolls are 3 meters each.

If I Remember Correctly: The black ribbon was meant to go on two layouts. One layout never got done, the other got turned into a mini-book for a friend. The brown and the red ribbon were meant for Christamascards, but as usual when I get started, the end result took a whole other direction, and the ribbon never got used.

How much have I used of it so far? Uhm, 5 centimeters on a card, once?

What has it been doing in my stash? Collecting dust and cat hair? (Seriously, I had to use some clear tape to get the lint off it). Also, it’s been stored in my ribbon storage, and mostly been a hazzle and in the way. It’s been the thing that has been a bit in the way, that I always have to move when looking for something else. It takes up a lot of room, and you have to be careful not to crush it.

Do I like it? I can honestly say that the initial appeal has left the building.

Here comes the fun part. The making and the shaking.


I decided to start with some tags, because it’s a small project that wont scare me off, and tags are always usable. They turned out to be something in between autumnal and Christmasy. Maybe something to hang on a nice autumn bouquet of flowers? The crushed velvet is a pretty decent addition when it comes to dimension. I used some distress ink and mists and sprays on the tags, and a grungy date stamp. I figured that the simmering base would make the ribbon stand out a bit more.

Estimated amount used: Very little!

Estimated amount left: Almost all of it!

Bonus points: I also used up the last of a roll of burgundy organza ribbon, that I happened to buy two of some three years ago, aaaand I cracked open some of my Stickles, which I haven’t used in over a year!

Conclusion: I will have to make more projects with this product. More to come, so stay tuned!


Meanwhile, stay safe!

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