Use Your Stash – The Crushed Velvet Ribbon Edition #2

If you read my last post, you’ll already know I am on a quest to Use My Stash, and right now, specifically use this darned self-adhesive crushed velvet ribbon that’s been lying around for more than five years. Here’s my thoughts about the To read a little bit more about my thoughts about this product, why I have it, and what was my original plan, I suggest reading my last post.

Since I did tags last time, I thought I’d keep going with some cards for this post. I felt that the challenge would be NOT to make a Christmas card, since that was the initial intent, and quite frankly, have been the only thing on my mind every time I’ve laid eyes on this product. So, I tried making some birthday cards, and did the rather obvious by using the ribbon as a border:

I used the brown ribbon with a black background, and the red with a white/cream background, which would normally set of my Christmas alarms. So I dug out a rather colourful patterned paper to go with it. I think the happy pink somewhat reduces the Christmassy feeling. 

So, over to the black velvet ribbon. I quite liked it with the stickles, like I did on the tags, so I tried that again:


All in all I think I prefer the shapes and swirls of the black ribbon much, much more, but the downside is it’s frikkin’ sticky and tears easily when you try to get the backing off of it. The other two rolls are less wide and is so much easier to adhere without too many accidents.

Estimated amount used: Again, very little!

Estimated amount left: More than two thirds of original amount.

Bonus points: See that green paper with cream polka dots? It’s one of my favourite polka dot papers in my stash, and I’ve kept a spare scrap of it for years. Now I’ve used almost all of it! Also, I used some of the flowers I almost NEVER use because I’m not a paper flower person. And the happy red- and pink patterned paper is from an 8×8 paper pad I bought for a mini-album and then forgot to use almost completely, so, yeay, I used a paper from that! (If you know me you’ll know how hard it is for me to tear into an nearly complete pack of coordinating papers).

Conclusion: A few meters of ribbon will go a long… long… way. In fact, almost everything you buy that you think wont last very long will obviously last you for… years.

I will keep making projects with this stuff. Oh, the excitement! So stay tuned!

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