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As a crafter, it is all too easy to fall for temptation and just keep adding to your collection of materials with the intent to make fun and glorious projects with them sometime in the future. And sometimes you might not even know that the products you buy are for – They are just pretty! So you add them to your stash. Not only are you running out of storage, you might also feel that you are adding more materials than you are actually using. There is also an environmental aspect that is very saddening. Those products have come a long, long way to be part of some beautiful art.

So you find yourself with a stash of stuff you love but don’t use. Well, it’s time to use it now!

I am committing to this:

  • I will from now on, with intent, go through my stash and start using my old stuff I completely forgot I had.
  • I will get to a point where use more materials than I buy – I will make a visible dent in my stash.
  • I will use the papers that I’ve kept because “they are too pretty to cut up”
  • I will use all my very favourite embellishments that are still in their packs, because “I’m saving them for a special layout”
  • I will grab all the things I once loved, but now think is rather “bleh”, and incorporate them into my projects., and I will analyse why I bought them, and what they were originally for, and I will find new ways to use them.
  • I will find stuff I have had in my stash from the very beginning and USE IT ALL UP, not just keep it because “it might be good to have and I might not find anything like it ever again”

There will always be new stuff I’ll want to buy. And the old stuff will just keep getting older and more lost and forgotten. I’m just saying that it’s  a shame to just hoard the stuff; It’s way more fun to use them. And it’s rather satisfying to use something up, to the very last scrap. At some point I would like to feel that I am using more things than I am buying.

You Can Join the Project Too!

Can you join the project? Yes, you can! It’s a completely free craft frenzy for anyone to take part in! Do you have to link to my site? Not at all, but it would be greatly appreciated! Grab one of the free banners below.

If you are participating, I would love to hear about it! E-mail me at monkeh [at] jenandtricks [dot] com. I would love to hear your story!

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I started this project in August 2012, and the original post can be found here.

No monkeys were hurt when creating this page. They are now on a coffee break.

Happy crafting, and now GO USE YOUR STASH! Thank you for stopping by!



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