Using My Stash – Tricky Paper #1


This week I thought I’d dig trough my stash and pick out a couple of oddball papers, that I keep for no other apparent reason than that they intrigue me, and think that some time in the future there will be a perfect time to use them. Like an “Eureka!” moment, when all the magical stars align, and as you are pulling out your paper there will be a choir of fluttering, naked baby-angels singing and a parade with 78 bloody trombones playing, because this weird paper you’ve had in your stash for years and never used will be the peeeerfect paper for your life’s biggest scrapbooking masterpiece.

Keeping pretty paper because I might one day find the perfect use for it is a bit of a habit I am trying to get rid of. If I like it, I should use it. Simple as that.

12×12 scrapbook paper: “Sunrise” by Marah Johnson, from Creative Imaginations

Estimated Amount: 2 sheets. For some reason. I probably felt that I wanted one sheet for cutting out patterns I like, and one to use as a whole background.

Estimated Age: Sheet number 1 is maybe 6 months old. The second one I picked up maybe 2 months ago.

If I Remember Correctly: I grabbed it because I am a sucker for ocean themes, and because I like the pattern in the waves, and the mix of muted colours and vibrancy. Also, it was on sale!

What has it been doing in my stash? Waiting for the right moment, of course! Question is, how long would I have waited for the exact right moment/photo/story to scrapbook? I would have probably had to book a trip to Japan, find a deserted beach and drag Jed there at sunset to take the photo I’d think be most perfect for this paper.

Do I like it? Yes. Love the colours, love the pattern, especially the wave pattern (can I have that on a skirt, please?) and the more subtle one in the background of the sun rays. But all in all it doesn’t go with anything I usually make, so it really stands out among all my papers.


I always find it so hard to use these kinds of papers with one big motif on them, because I never want to cover anything up. Which is pretty hard NOT to do when you want to add photos and journaling. So, in the spirit of an 80’s dating movie where the romantic dating advice always seems to be: “Don’t be yourself; whatever you do, always do the opposite!”, I decided to bluntly do exactly that. I’d cover up a lot of it.

I decided to do a 2-photo layout with a bit of room for journaling, this is how it turned out:

These photos are from mine and Jed’s first stop on our roadtrip in Scotland 2 years ago. By chance, we ended up in a tiny coastal village called Crail, just in time for sunset. They had a fantastic park area all the way down to the beach, filled with benches, perfect for two to sit and watch the ocean.

I have something Kraft on all layouts for this travel album, but also added a bluish pattern in a strip at the bottom, to add another layer and tie in the ocean pattern a bit. And I could not help but add some washi tape, of course. As usual.

Estimated amount used: 1 sheet

Estimated amount left: 1 more sheet

Did I buy anything extra to make this project? Not particularly for this project, but the washi tapes I used are fairly new

Bonus points: I cut a strip off a Graphic 45 paper I’ve been saving for a while. Now that I’ve cut into, I will use more of it for sure.

Conclusion: This paper could have certainly sat in my stash for another 5 years. Or it could have been cut up into pieces as backgrounds for some cards. But I am pretty pleased I used it. It’s one of those papers that are a bit tricky. Not one I love and could easily use for a million things, but one that intrigues me and  challenge me. And now it’s in my travel album.

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