Using My Stash – Tricky Paper #2


So, I am having a go at round 2 of scrapbooking with a tricky paper in my stash. You can read about the first attempt in my last blog post here. By chance it just happens to be another paper from Creative Imaginations, this time by Christine Adolph:

12×12 scrapbook paper: “Sweet” by Christine Adolph, from the My Girl Collection by Creative Imaginations

Estimated Age: Maybe 4 months in my stash, but I don’t know when the collection was released.

Estimated Amount: Just the one sheet.

If I Remember Correctly: It was a part of a bargain pack from my local craft store, the type when you get a pack of 10 surprise papers on sale.

What has it been doing in my stash? Biding it’s time. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, and if it was for Christmas or not.

Do I like it? I like the round shape and the colourful swirls. However, it’s a print with foil on it, and for some reason that bit, if you look closely, is weirdly pixelated:

However, the colourful swirls that I actually like looks fine, so I don’t know what happened at the printer:

So, I like the journaling area with the pretty colours and swirls, but wasn’t at all sure about the pixelated vines on the outside of the circle shape, and I didn’t really get the feel for the mix of the green foil print and the orange combination. So, what to do with this paper?

I felt a bit cheeky, but I just simply cut out the part I liked the most. That left the big circle-shaped journaling area with the happy, colourful swirls. And that was much easier to work with. Without the green foil print and the orange it got a completely different look, for sure. And because I had a huge journaling area I decided on a photo with a lot of story behind it:


Our family dog, Chiefen, who passed away a few years ago, loved being out by the cabin, by the sea. He was a constant friend, always there, always following my dad around as he was pottering about the grounds. Chiefen loved going in cars and boats and was always the first to get in. He loved being a part of the family, going with us on travels. And he loves being free and keeping his own routines out there, wandering about and going around to look what everyone was doing. I miss him very much.



Estimated amount used: The entire sheet.

Estimated amount left: Nothing but the smallest scraps, a minimum of waste.

Did I buy anything extra to make this project? Nope, I made due with what I had.

Bonus points: I used the left overs to punch out tags, which worked out pretty well. The rest of the patterned papers came from my scrap basket.

Conclusion: Sometimes it’s okay to just use the bits you like the most.

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