Week in the Life 2011 – Friday

It’s Friday and day five in Ali Edward’s project Week in the Life. As the day developed I felt I didn’t take nearly as many photos as Wednesday through Thursday, when I came home with about 120 pics at the end of the day (which I’ve narrowed down to around 10-15 pics per day).

But as it turned out I took around as many exposures as the other days today, but I ended up liking the end result more. I wanted to keep a higher amount of the photos. Not a HUGE amount more, but still. And I think I know the reason for that.

My main theme today was the act of photography itself. However, as the days have passed by this project has become a sort of looking glass. I’m acutely aware now how this process of taking random snap shots and documenting my every day life subconsciously produces photos of a lot of crap that is going on in my head. This project has made me think about what art is, about my own process and a lot of questions: “What do I accomplish? What do I WANT to accomplish? Why this need to create and make and produce and reach Out?”

Today I found myself taking a lot of pictures of locks and padlocks. Green signs verses red signs. Are you in or out? Can you take your life and what’s around you and MAKE something of it? Get in the game. For the win.

This is day five in Ali Edwards’ project Week in the Life, be sure to read more about it here. This is the last stretch, two more days to go. Then it’s the small mater of… merging all the photos and words into some sort of comprehensive mix. Yeah…

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