Week in the Life 2011 – Monday

Today Ali Edwards is kicking off the Week in a Life project! I’ve been reading her blog for a couple of years now and always been itching to do one of her projects. It took a while but now it’s time!Following the twitter stream, it’s a bit mind boggling and fantastic how many people are participating ans just throwing themselves into this. And I guess now I’m one of them! I was not sure I even had the energy to start this thing, but this morning I found myself sneaking the camera into my handbag nonetheless. I’m always nervous when I bring out my camera in public, I mean, will people mind, will they get curious, will someone TALK to me? (It’s happened more than once, but then curiosity is a very strong human trait).
All the pics today were either a bit urban and everyday, or photos of a cup of coffee or tea. Guess that’s a typical Monday for me. So today’s theme will be “Ordinary”, and I’ll incorporate that in my journalling and thoughts about the day. I haven’t decided on a format yet, but you know… once I have the glue and papers out that will all sort itself out just fine. Speaking of, don’t forget to check out this post with helpful advise for this week!
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