Week in the Life 2011 – Sunday

I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by, it’s weird to think that I wouldn’t just keep doing the same thing tomorrow. Bring my camera everywhere, take notes, take loads of pictures. It’s a fun thought: what if I just keep going and do the same thing tomorrow, and see how long I can do this? But then, there’s the point with ending it. I did this for a week, I’m proud of myself, and now I can lower my camera for a couple of days and dig into all those other projects and ideas and plans I have.

Today we had a lazy day at home, not really leaving the apartment at all. We haven’t had one of those days in forever, not since March I think, so I’m not really feeling guilty about it at all. Well needed, well deserved. We tried making Eggs Benedict for the first time ever. First time I had that dish was on our vacation in Scotland last year, and that particular trip is so packed with good memories that just thinking about it make me happy. Anyway, we actually managed to cook it! Other than that we mostly hung out and cuddled the cat and had a nice lunch on the balcony. Cat was very happy for all the attention.

I Managed to sort out my scrapbook area and started on a layout for the project. Yepp, I’m making it by hand. In paper. With scissors and glue. I just really need to allow myself some time to sit down and craft for a while, so I thought this would be the perfect project for that. It’ll be the first ever album I’m making just for myself. Not to give away. I don’t even care if anybody else ever sees it or read it. It’s my story, after all.



This is the seventh and last day in Ali Edwards’ project Week in the Life, be sure to read more about it here. I feel very proud of myself! I’m really thankful that I took part of this project, and for the other participants that cheered me up and cheered me on. Totally awesome.

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  1. Just wanted to say I have LOVED seeing your posts from this week. So glad you got through it all, it’s been a treat. The cat is quite the model, isn’t he? :)

    Also, I keep waiting to see a bit more of Tricks. Where is she? *wistful sigh* ;)

  2. Jen

    Dear friend, I’m so glad you liked it! It means a lot, thank you. (Yeah, the cat always starts to pose when I point the camera at him, he luuurves the attention!)

    Tricks is on holiday, she left me all alone for 4 weeks, can you believe it? ;)

    Gonna be awesome to see you tomorrow, by the way! Hyper-coffee-creativetalk-hug fest! *grin*

  3. It’s been so much fun meeting you and others through the WITL activities this year. Thanks for sharing your “everyday” life through your photos and blog. I’m feeling just a little bit challenged to turn all this stuff into an album, but I’m sure I’ll make a decent amount of progress on it in the next week or so.

  4. Jen

    @Elsi: Thank you so much for visiting, this project has been so great and a lot of fun! I too feel a bit challenged about the whole album thing, but I’m getting there. Even dreamt I was scrapping it *lol* so I hope it’ll be alright

  5. Jen

    @Dawn: That’s really nice of you, thank you! I’m still processing the photos and notes (which seems to take forever), need to get my hands on some paper and glue!

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