Week in the Life 2011 – Thursday

It’s weird and great at the same time that when I check my Twitter feed in the morning some people are just going to bed the night before and charging their batteries and some are almost done with the same day as I’m just beginning. This project really has people all over the globe tagging along. That’s kind of a cool thing to be a part of.

Today I had a plan to depict text and creative writing, and took photos of all our books and my typewriter. I even wrote a little one-page story to put in my album. But I’ve realised by now that this project don’t necessarily turn out how I’ve planned it, and that’s just fine.

This morning was cloudy, but with a fantastic light. It was going to turn in to a very sunny day, most of which I’d spend in the office of course. On my way to the train I always pass through a little park, that was once very well tended. There are a wide range of blossoming bushes, some not so common, and a small fountain. For some reason these past summer mornings have been crisp and cool with just a hint of autumn in the air. I for one can’t wait. The autumn is a time for transformation and plans and new projects. Friends and family return home from their vacations. I have a lot to look forward to.

Jed texted me with the message “I have a craving for that special sushi place”, meaning the place we used to go to before we moved houses a month ago. So we met up after work and had a stroll in our old neighbourhood, had some delicious sushi (and cookies, yay!) and took a short walk down one of the lanes before heading off home again. This neighbourhood is wonderfully arty in many ways, but sometimes you just come across some weird things.

Like the Camlek. Half camel, half elk. It’s infamous by now.


This is day four in Ali Edwards’ project Week in the Life, be sure to read more about it here. Also, don’t forget to check out Ali’s post for Day 4. Just three days left now! Can’t believe I made it this far. And then… there’s just the question of compiling it all into an album. Hm. Guess I’ll be rather busy next week as well.

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  1. dawn

    Your pictures are gorgeous and I love how your wrote about the day in the top and put your thoughts into it so well. I wish to have an album about me and my husband before the kids and even just about me before meeting him. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Jen

    Aaw, thank you so much Dawn! It’s nice to hear, I felt so shy about this project at first but things are sort of happening… :) Much thanks to the group of people doing this project as well.

    I always put together photo albums as a kid, and then I stopped when I moved away from home. Most of them are lost now. I really think your idea about an album about you and your hubby is awesome! Take the chance to tell that story. And take the chance to tell the story about yourself! I certainly mean to. For me photography, scrapbooking and crafting has been so much about giving joy to others, it’s certainly time to do it for me, now.

    Have a great weekend, stay safe!

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  4. Jen

    @Mia*: Haha, it really is a hideous thing, but still, it sort of fits in in the area anyways. It’s only a bit misunderstood ;) It keeps loosing it antlers, sadly, and they try to replace them whenever they can. Right now it only has the one :D Felt weird, I’ve never photographed it before, in spite having lived in that area for so long. Then I move away and suddenly I get all nostalgic about it! /Jennie

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